Prepping the pipes; Dealing with the pain; Pounding the Shelves and Citizen First

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22 November 2013

Prep your pipes… if you haven’t already

With the season’s first sub-freezing temperatures there’s increased concern about frozen water pipes.

Florence Public Works Director Mike Miller says every year at this time, his department gets several questions on the topic.

If the pipes in your home freeze, always be aware of safety.  Miller says never use open flame to thaw them out.  Open cupboard doors under sinks to let heat from the house in.  If the pipes in the attic or subfloor are frozen, use a blow dryer on low or even a bare light bulb.  And never leave the pipes unattended.  If they’ve fractured the pipe and it thaws, you could have a real mess on your hands.frozen-pipes

Better than knowing how to thaw the pipes is being prepared.

Miller suggests closing foundation vents; making sure your pipes are well insulated and disconnect garden hoses.

One final suggestion… know where your water shutoff valve is… just in case.  And, he adds, keep the phone number for a plumber and city public works close by.

Dealing with the pain of growing older

Just over 200 people sat in on an information session yesterday at the Florence Events Center about chronic hip pain.  Many people as they grow older begin to experience deteriorating joints and often face replacement of them.

The talk was presented by Peace Harbor Medical Center and Dr. Tobin Hanson, an orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. Tobin Hanson – “I think it gives patients and people who attended a tool as far as trying to figure out what is the root of their pain.  And also potential things that they can do on their own, or things that if they wanted to come see me they can be better prepared with questions.”

In addition to the 40-minute talk there were other members of the orthopedics team on hand to talk about health and wellness prior to and following surgery; how to prevent infection; rehab; even diet and the safety precautions the surgical team takes while doing the replacement.

Medical center spokesperson Kat Rannow said it was the first of many seminars that will be presented by PeaceHealth over the coming months.

Pounding the Shelves

For the 13th year in a row the empty shelves at Florence Food Share will be taking a “pounding”.  For the last 12 years Cindy Wobbe, the owner of Mon Ami Gourmet Deli and Antiques has spent the Saturday before Thanksgiving challenging residents to support food share with non-perishable contributions.  She then matches that challenge ‘pound-for-pound’.  Last year residents set a record with 6,400 pounds.

Wobbe and Coast Radio Morning Show host Wayne Sharpe will be at Florence Grocery Outlet tomorrow morning beginning at 9:30 AM to begin accepting donations.

First Citizen Nominees

Six different criteria will be assessed when a community panel decides on just who Florence’s First Citizen for 2013 will be when they review the list of nominees later this month.

Those criteria include involvement, leadership, past and current service and impact on the overall community.

Nominations for the annual award are now being accepted at the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce visitor center with the award to be presented in January.

Last year’s winner was Siuslaw News Publisher John Bartlett.