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Experts say deal with someone you know

Scammers have made a couple of adjustments to their computer hacking.  Bret Feingold, with Coast Computer Services, says there has been a rash of phone calls in the Florence area from an alleged technical support center in India.

205 – “Calling people in Florence saying they can see their computer is infected.”

 The caller says he is from “Windows”.  While that may be a familiar name to computer users, it’s not a real company.

          206 – “Because Windows is a product of Microsoft, so there should be a heads up there.”

 Feingold says there is another wrinkle to the scam.  Before, they would ask for a credit card number, then charge as much to the card as they could.  But those can be stopped or reversed.

207 – “Well now they’ve gotten smarter and they’re doing an A-C strictly out of checking accounts and my customer yesterday got scammed for 16-hundred bucks.”

Financial institutions and law enforcement officials all say… if someone calls you directly…. Never give them your card or account number.  Feingold says be sure of who you are dealing with.  It’s safer that way and if you don’t like the way it turns out, you can always go see them face to face.



The race for the West Lane seat on the Board of County Commissioners may be decided, but the East Lane seat is still up in the air.

Lane County Elections officials say an automatic recount will be completed after the Oregon Secretary of State’s office reviewed the May 20th Primary Election results.

Faye Stewart, the incumbent from Cottage Grove, appeared to be headed to a solo spot on the November ballot after winning a majority of the votes.  He had seven votes over the 50-percent mark.  That was within the one-fifth of one-percent threshold for automatic recounts.

Anne Marie Levis, with the county’s public information office, said the count will begin Monday and will cost between two and three thousand dollars.  She didn’t say how long it would take.

Kevin Matthews was Stewart’s closest competitor in the five-way race with just over 35-percent of the vote.



Gas prices have historically taken a downward turn in June following the Memorial Day weekend.

That’s not been the case this year in Oregon according to Marie Dodds with Triple-A.  She says the average price for a gallon of regular in the state remains at $3.90.  That’s within a penny or two of the average price since the middle of May.

The average cash price in Florence is $3.77.  That’s ten cents a gallon less than it was a month ago, but two cents higher than May 28th.

According to Triple-A, today’s national average price for a gallon of regular is $3.65… down two cents since last week.



Despite his diminutive size, Oswald the sea otter pup is making a big splash at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  Oswald was discovered orphaned in Santa Barbara County, California in November of last year and is about seven months old.

Handlers at the aquarium named him Oswald West, in honor of the former Oregon Governor who signed landmark legislation in 1913 that made all 362 miles of Oregon’s beaches permanently open for public use.

Oswald was originally taken to the Monterey Aquarium where he was called Otter 649 because he was the 649th otter to arrive for rehabilitation.  He spent a few months there with a surrogate mother before heading to Newport.  Once he completes his quarantine period and advances adequately in his training, he will join the raft on the Aquarium’s Sea Otter Exhibit later this summer.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is open nine to six daily through the summer.  It’s ranked as one of the top ten aquariums in the United States by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.