Mapleton school water tests delayed; City fee schedule examined; Dunes City Expo this weekend; Rural Oregonians will have health care choices in 2017; Ellie Dumdi passes away at 84; Helping deputies give helping hands

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Mapleton water test results expected in September

Lead testing results from the water at Mapleton Schools won’t likely be ready before classes start on September 6th.  Superintendent Jodi O’Mara said there was a delay in getting the tests ordered, but sample bottles are being filled this week.  They’ll be returned to a lab in Eugene for testing by Friday.  O’Mara says she won’t be too surprised if some of the tests come back positive.

Jodi O’Mara – “It’s a pretty old building so I wouldn’t be surprised if we did.  And, depending on what the results say then we’ll get an action plan and figure out what we need to do to get our kids healthy drinking water.”

All drinking fountains, along with faucets in food prep areas and staff room sinks will be tested.  O’Mara said there was a delay in ordering the tests.  She thought the school district was on a waiting list for testing, but it turned out they were not.  On discovering the confusion last week she quickly rectified the situation.

City Fee Schedule Examined

The City of Florence will likely reconsider the process for licensing dogs in the city.

During the process of compiling a list of all city fees it was determined that while the city takes in between $1,500 and $2,000 a year in dog license fees, it actually costs about twice that to administer the program.

In a report to the council to be delivered this evening, interim finance director Andy Parks suggests the city review the dog license program in the near future.  He suggested two possible options:  either increasing the fee or contracting with Lane County for the service.  Another option could be in just increasing the compliance rate… it’s estimated that only about ten-percent of the dogs in the city are currently licensed.

Parks’ report on all city fees will be presented to the council this evening… they meet at City Hall at six.

Dunes City residents asked to attend this Saturday

The annual Dunes City Expo is set for this Saturday in Westlake.  Dunes City Administrator Jaime Mills said there will be demonstrations and seminars about a variety of topics.

Jaime Mills – “The idea is to give the Dunes City residents an update on the things that affect their lives.”

Residents can get updates on things like drinking water quality, septic tank care, emergency preparedness… and even area legislative matters.

Jaime Mills – “Caddy McKeon and Arnie Roblan, Senator Roblan, here.  And perhaps Jay Bozievich from the county so that they can be asked questions.”

Mills said there will be lunch, along with door prizes for those who attend.  It will be Saturday, ten to three, at Dunes City Hall just off Pacific Avenue.

Rural counties will still have health care choices in 2017

Several health insurers have agreed to continue to offer statewide individual coverage in 2017.  Patrick Allen is the director of the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services.  He says all 36-counties in Oregon will have at least two carriers providing coverage through Oregon’s Health Insurance Marketplace next year.  Plus, he added, each county will have at least two carriers providing coverage outside the marketplace.

Allen said many counties were facing significant decreases in the number of options available.  He said his agency asked many of them to reconsider and they did.

Former commissioner passes away

Ellie Dumdi, the former middle school teacher who represented Western Lane County on the Board of Commissioners for 12 years passed away August 4th.  She was 84.

Current West Lane Commissioner Jay Bozievich said it was an honor to be serving in the same post formerly held by Dumdi.  He said she suffered a stroke following back surgery in July.

She was first elected in 1986 then won reelection twice before hanging retiring in 1998.

Dumdi was preceded in death by her husband of 52 years, Cleve Dumdi, who passed away in 2011.  The couple had two grown sons.

In 2013 Dumdi married Eugene businessman Gerry Moshofsky.  They maintained homes in Eugene and in the Florence area. A memorial service will be held later this month, but details have not yet been finalized.

Helping deputies give helping hands

A Eugene congregation has extended a helping hand to Lane County Sheriff’s Deputies.  A $5-thousand grant from the University Fellowship Church will be used to help people in need of food, clothing or temporary shelter that deputies encounter.

Sheriff Byron Trapp accepted the money last week from Pastor Bret Gilchrist.  Trapp said the heart of the program is community members helping each other.  He said he is excited to be a part of it.