Rally in Salem; Census; Fraudville

Rally in Salem

A convoy of trucks is moving through the state capital today as protestors make it known that they are not in favor of the proposed new Cap and Trade bill by senators.  Locally Jennifer King Waggoner of R&R King Logging says that rural communities are having to pay for the metro areas problems in a state that already has a low carbon footprint in comparison to many other state.

“We adhere to the strongest environmental laws, really in the world with our Oregon Forest Practices Act and Oregon plan which is for Salmon which was for salmon restoration, all of our watershed councils, I mean we are cutting edge on the regulations and policies that we follow especially in Oregon.”

Senate Bill 1350 is still undergoing changes, but Senate republicans agree that giving this bill to the people to pass or reject is the best option.  A republican walkout last year stymied the session causing the delay in more than just the Cap and Trade measure.  Something that could happen again this year.  Waggoner believes that today’s rally can garner the same type of support that led to the downfall of last year’s cap and trade bill.


The 2020 census will be taken beginning in April.  Residents will receive a postcard in the mail and local officials are asking that they be filled out in its entirety.  As the census, according to Mayor Joe Henry, will determine important financial numbers for Florence.

“It’s important that we get everyone counted for Florence, because much of our revenue is base on the number of headcount in our community.”

Census takers are being recruited and beginning April 1st they will be going door to door collecting information.


This Saturday is the annual Fraudville event to benefit the Western Lane County Boys and Girls Club.  The event is from 5-9 pm at the Florence Events Center and will feature entertainment and food and an auction to raise money.  The goal for this year’s event is $50,000.  General admission tickets for the event are $35.00