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Police to Armed Citizens: Go Home; Siuslaw Graduation Broadcast; Water Conservation; Coronavirus Updates

Police to Armed Citizens: Go Home

After a group of armed citizens, that  were responding to social media posts of an imminent protest involving out of the area instigators, were told to go home by Florence Police Thursday evening the weekend was relatively calm in Florence.  Florence Police Chief Tom Turner asked citizens not to take matters into their own hands as the police were aware of the threats made and had deemed them not credible.  Over the past week there were similar threats made against other coastal towns that did not materialize prompting local law enforcement to issue warnings about the dangers of self policing.  Turner said the difficulty then becomes about recognizing a true threat.

“When you have somebody that’s armed and out there in the public with little information or incorrect information it makes our job harder because we don’t know who that person is either we have to deal with that person as well.”

On Friday the City of Florence issued a press release that asked Florence citizens to stop engaging in the distribution of misinformation. And openly armed citizens has the potential to create a disastrous situation, and urges them to contact police if they have a concern.

Siuslaw Graduation Broadcast

It was a unique graduation experience on Friday night for Siuslaw High School’s class of 2020.  The class received their diplomas at Hans Peterson Field as the entire ceremony was simulcast on Coast Radio and on Facebook and youtube.  Throughout the night visitors to the sites commented on the event and many said they were happy to hear more about each student as hosts Bob Sneddon and Steve Moser gave details about what accomplishments the students made and what their future plans might be.  Graduation lasted about 2 and a half  hours.

Water Conservation

The City of Florence in their monthly news letter is encouraging residents to be aware of their water consumption.  While water is currently plentiful in Florence our resources are finite according to the information released.  The city recommends upgrading to water efficient fixtures in the home.  You can also put plastic bottles filled with pebbles into the reserve tank on your toilet to reduce the volume of water used during flushing.  The city says you can save up to ten gallons of water daily.  They also recommend limiting use of garbage disposals and turn off the water after you wet your toothbrush. And check for leaks and drips in sinks, tubs and outdoor faucets.

Coronavirus Updates

Statewide coronavirus cases are at 4,662 with 161 deaths reported. The latest deaths both had underlying health conditions one was a 50 year old Multnomah County man and the other was a 70 year old Multnomah County woman.  They were added to the list over the weekend though there deaths were May 29, and May 9 respectively.  Here in Lane County there have been a total of 80 cases with 12 of those still active.  Over 13,000 tests have been conducted.