Limited In-Person Instruction Begins; Weekly COVID-19 Report Out; Yesterday’s Coronavirus Numbers; Three Rivers Casino Resort – New Year’s Notice

Limited In-Person Instruction Begins

In the midst of rising coronavirus numbers across the county the Siuslaw School District has managed to begin some Limited In-person Instruction.  Last week Siuslaw elementary began with a small group of students for some supplemental instruction.  The LIPI is voluntary and group sizes have been scaled back below the 20 student minimum according to school superintendent Andy Grzeskowiak.  This week the Middle school has also begun LIPI with two sessions: a Monday/Tuesday session and a Wednesday/Thursday session.  Siuslaw High School will begin next week to bring in students on a limited basis.  Grzeskowiak says with numbers going in the wrong direction currently, it may be some time before students are on campus for more regular instruction.  County case rates were at 291 per 100,000 and needs to be below 100 for hybrid attendance for elementary and under 50 for middle and high school hybrid attendance.

Weekly COVID-19 Report Out

Record high numbers for the coronavirus have appeared for the third straight week according to the Oregon Health Authority’s latest numbers.  This past week there were over 10 thousand new cases which was a 14% increase over the past week.  There were also 133 deaths reported which was about a 50%.  Hospitalizations were also up 24% from the period ending November 30.  More than half of the new cases were under the age of 50 while 76 percent of the deaths were individuals over the age of 70.  Testing also increased from the previous week with 170,964 tests being administered.

Yesterday’s Coronavirus Numbers

Yesterday Lane County Public Health issued no new positive tests for the Florence area giving the city a one day respite from rising cases.  Hospitalizations in Lane County also went down by 13 although there were 4 additional deaths associated with COVID-19.  Around the state yesterday there were 1,243 new confirmed or presumptive cases and 30 more deaths.  Hospitals are also maxing out with 580 patients currently admitted.  Lane County had 85 new cases reported yesterday.

Three Rivers Casino Resort – New Year’s Notice

Three Rivers Casino Resort is a popular destination place for New Year’s Eve celebrations, but due to the COVID outbreak they are having to severely cut back on the number or guests that it will be allowing.  For this reason the New Year’s eve celebration will be by invitation only.  Marketing Director, Rich Colton said the decision was a tough one, but they felt limiting capacity was the best way to keep people safe.

“We’re just asking everyone to just be patient with us, come the next night or the night after that, but for December 31st, New Years Eve will be invitation only.”

To date Three Rivers Casino property has not recorded a single case of the coronavirus.