No “New” Guidelines; Transportation System Plan Grant; August Airport Fire; Vax Clinic

No “New” Guidelines

According to Siuslaw School Board president Bob Sneddon there are no “New” guidelines in effect for school board meetings.  In a release from last week the word “new” in red appeared above the guidelines referring to how public comment can be made at meetings.  Sneddon says it was an error and that the regulations actually went into effect last year as a result of decisions made by the Oregon Legislature in 2021.  The portion that deals with repeating what topics have already been addressed has been part of the local policy of the Siuslaw School Board initiated several years ago.  According to Sneddon it has never been the intent to restrict access to people wanting to address the board and often times individuals will get a chance for last minute comments.

Transportation System Plan Grant

The City of Florence was one of only 4 cities to receive a grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation.  Michael Duncan with ODOT spoke to the City Council last night and laid out the Transportation system plan that the grant covered including transportation from commercial to individual use such as walking and biking.  The plan is a comprehensive look at the current and future needs of the Florence area and considers the needs of the aging as well as the young.

“So if you’re thinking about an over 55 community and those folks want to be able to age in place, how are they accessing the community, or if you have schools and you have kids who can’t drive yet, how are they walking home or what they’re doing after school or before school.”

Duncan says it also considers medical centers and how access to them effect the community.  More details, according to Duncan, will be laid out in future conversations with the city.

August Airport Fire

Public Works Director Mike Miller updated the city council on the airport fire on August 16th.  Miller said they were in a staff meeting when the grass fire started by a crew working on sealing the pavement at the airport.  Miller says the contractor worked feverously to try to contain the fire but were unsuccessful.

“Despite their best efforts a 911 call was made and within minutes we had a response from the Oregon Department of Forestry and Siuslaw Valley Fire and rescue.”

There was no damage to any structures on the airport grounds and the work was able to resume.  Miller shared a time-lapse recording captured by the airport camera detailing the event.

Vax Clinic

A vaccination clinic with the new variant ready vaccines will take place today and tomorrow at the Florence Events Center.  The clinic will be from 1 to 6 both days and will repeat for the next two weeks.  No pre registration is required and individuals can walk up.  They do request that you bring your vaccination card and is held with the assistance of the Oregon Health Authority.