Oregon State Baseball Schedule

Oregon State Baseball
Fri.Feb. 14ORST vs. New Mexico @ Sanderson Ford Classic (BSB)11:30 AM
Sat.Feb. 15ORST vs. Gonzaga @ Sanderson Ford Classic (BSB)12:30 PM
Sun.Feb. 16ORST vs. Gonzaga @ Sanderson Ford Classic (BSB)11:30 AM
Mon.Feb. 17ORST vs. Brigham Young @ Sanderson Ford Classic (BSB)12:30 PM
Fri.Feb. 21ORST @ Mississippi State (BSB)1:30 PM
Sat.Feb. 22ORST @ Mississippi State (BSB)11:30 AM
Sun.Feb. 23ORST @ Mississippi State (BSB)10:30 AM
Thu.Feb. 27ORST @ San Diego State (BSB)5:30 PM
Fri.Feb. 28ORST @ San Diego State (BSB)5:30 PM
Sat.Feb. 29ORST @ San Diego State (BSB)5:30 PM
Sun.Mar. 1ORST @ San Diego State (BSB)12:30 PM
Fri.Mar. 6ORST vs. UC Santa Barbara (BSB)5:00 PM
Sat.Mar. 7ORST vs. UC Santa Barbara (BSB)3:30 PM
Sun.Mar. 8ORST vs. UC Santa Barbara (BSB)11:30 AM
Fri.Mar. 13ORST @ Arizona (BSB)5:30 PM
Sat.Mar. 14ORST @ Arizona (BSB)5:30 PM
Sun.Mar. 15ORST @ Arizona (BSB)12:30 PM
Fri.Mar. 20ORST vs. Arizona State (BSB)5:00 PM
Sat.Mar. 21ORST vs. Arizona State (BSB)1:00 PM
Sun.Mar. 22ORST vs. Arizona State (BSB)12:30 PM
Fri.Mar. 27ORST @ California (BSB)6:30 PM
Sat.Mar. 28ORST @ California (BSB)5:30 PM
Sun.Mar. 29ORST @ California (BSB)1:30 PM
Fri.Apr. 3ORST vs. Oregon (BSB)5:30 PM
Sat.Apr. 4ORST vs. Oregon (BSB)3:30 PM
Sun.Apr. 5ORST vs. Oregon (BSB)1:30 PM
Tue.Apr. 7ORST vs. Seattle (BSB)5:00 PM
Thu.Apr. 9ORST vs. Stanford (BSB)5:30 PM
Fri.Apr. 10ORST vs. Stanford (BSB)5:30 PM
Sat.Apr. 11ORST vs. Stanford (BSB)12:30 PM
Mon.Apr. 13ORST vs. Gonzaga (BSB)5:00 PM
Tue.Apr. 14ORST vs. Gonzaga (BSB)5:00 PM
Fri.Apr. 17ORST @ Utah (BSB)4:30 PM
Sat.Apr. 18ORST @ Utah (BSB)2:30 PM
Sun.Apr. 19ORST @ Utah (BSB)11:30 AM
Tue.Apr. 21ORST vs. Portland @ Ron Tonkin Field (BSB)4:30 PM
Fri.Apr. 24ORST vs. UCLA (BSB)5:00 PM
Sat.Apr. 25ORST vs. UCLA (BSB)1:00 PM
Sun.Apr. 26ORST vs. UCLA (BSB)11:30 AM
Mon.Apr. 27ORST vs. CSU Bakersfield (BSB)5:00 PM
Fri.May. 1ORST @ Oklahoma State (BSB)3:30 PM
Sat.May. 2ORST @ Oklahoma State (BSB)11:30 AM
Sun.May. 3ORST @ Oklahoma State (BSB)10:30 AM
Tue.May. 5ORST @ Oregon (BSB)5:30 PM
Fri.May. 8ORST @ USC (BSB)5:30 PM
Sat.May. 9ORST @ USC (BSB)1:30 PM
Sun.May. 10ORST @ USC (BSB)12:30 PM
Tue.May. 12ORST vs. Portland (BSB)4:30 PM
Fri.May. 15ORST vs. Washington (BSB)5:30 PM
Sat.May. 16ORST vs. Washington (BSB)1:30 PM
Sun.May. 17ORST vs. Washington (BSB)12:30 PM
Tue.May. 19ORST @ Oregon (BSB)5:30 PM
Thu.May. 21ORST @ Washington State (BSB)5:30 PM
Fri.May. 22ORST @ Washington State (BSB)5:30 PM
Sat.May. 23ORST @ Washington State (BSB)1:00 PM
Times listed are broadcast start times as of Jan 16, 2020
All times are America/Los_Angeles unless otherwise noted.
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