Author: George Henry

Ducks and Beavers Advance

Ducks and Beavers Advance The Oregon Ducks made it past the first round of the PAC 12 tournament in nail biting fashion.  The Ducks went into the locker at half time trailing by 7 and the Ducks didn’t overcome that until 59.7 seconds left in the game.  The Ducks eked […]

Port of Siuslaw

Florence Police Announce Crosswalk Enforcement Campaign; Fuel Prices on the Rise; Port Perusing Potential Candidates; Triathalon Seeking Volunteers

Florence Police Announce Crosswalk Enforcement Campaign As a reminder of the pending tourist season and the increased amount of traffic that will soon be filling our streets the Florence Police department has announced that it will be initiating a Pedestrian Enforcement Operation in order to bring awareness to drivers of […]