Author: George Henry

Port of Siuslaw

Parent Irate with Mapleton School District; Gas Prices; Farmer’s Market; Drone Regulations Coming For Oregon Parks; More COVID-19 Cases; RealID Requirements

Parent Irate with Mapleton School District An incident involving a Mapleton High School Student from back in December has drawn the ire of an estranged parent.  On Social Media a post from Pancho Louie says his son, who is considered a runaway, was playing basketball when he suffered a head […]

Stayton Invitational; College Baseball

Stayton Invitational Several Siuslaw Athletes garnered personal records and first place finishes in Saturday’s Stayton Invitational.  For the boys in track junior Hunter Petterson finished in first place in the 200 meter race with a personal record time of 22.82.  he also set a personal record time with a third […]