News Policies

Fact Checking Policy

We at Coast Radio care about being clear and precise with headlines, content and urls and understand the words have power and act accordingly. Our staff at Coast Radio verify’s the information to the best of our ability at the time of writing. This includes identifying information such as names, locations and statements and accounts related to the content. Our news producers do their own fact-checking using their own judgement and information following the guidelines of our Ethics Policy. Coast Radio is committed to non-partisanship, transparency of sources, transparency of funding, and being open to reasonable criticism and corrections at any time. We check the information with all related parties before publishing it online.

If we receive a claim regarding fact-checking on a story we publish over the air or online on our news site, we first contact the source of the claim for further elaboration and any additional supporting information. We also contact individuals and organizations who would have more information about or have relevant knowledge on the subject at hand, as well as researching relevant literature (news articles, scientific and medical journal articles, books, interview transcripts, statistical sources) that has bearing on the topic.

We prefer to use unbiased information and data sources viewed by our equals, as much as possible. We also alert our readers that information and data from sources, such as political advocacy organizations and sided parties, should be evaluated considerately.

Depending upon the nature and complexity of the topic, other members of the news staff may contribute additional research. Any piece that is not deemed up to our standards by one or more editors is subject to further revision and review before being released for publication.

Corrections Policy

If you feel we have made an error in a news story or social media post please contact us via phone at 541-997-9136 or via email at as soon as possible and we will aim to correct the error after we have verified all content sources.


Ethics Policy

The main purpose of this policy is to preserve the neutrality Coast Radio stands for and the integrity it provides in all aspects of its content. Every staff member is expected to read these rules carefully and abide by them. All of our employees are subjected to complying with all aspects of this policy. All new staff members are required to read this policy before taking on their positions. The matters addressed in this code are important, so any violation of rules within the areas covered below is considered serious enough to require disciplinary punishments, including dismissal from the position depending on the severity of the violation.

A staff member that has a question or is violating any part of this policy or has witnessed another employee doing so, should contact his/her supervisor immediately. All inquiries in this aspect are going to be kept discreet in order to protect the personal rights of team members.

Professionalism, good judgment and privacy, and are the ideals to we adhere to with when posting content on the website and on other social media channels.  Posts should be non-partial and neutral at all times. They are expected to keep their content and posts in compliance with the company policy and be respectful, unbiased, and authentic. Avoiding inappropriate, violent, and biased content is a must for all outlets connected to Coast Radio Broadcasting.

Getting permission before publishing an image or a video is necessary as a result of the copyright and trademark laws. The staff is expected to comply with the legal terms of the websites and other entities Coast Radio Broadcasting works or partners with.