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Irene helps local officials

Leaving more than 40 dead in her wake, as well as more than a billion dollars in damage across 11 states, Hurricane Irene could hardly be called a false alarm.  But, there are still those who were critical of preparedness efforts in areas where the storm’s damage was slight.  Those […]

Port meeting midday again

The Port of Siuslaw Commission has been doing an increasing amount of business in special midday meetings recently.  They have another one today at noon in which they’ll hear an update from commissioner Joshua Greene on the status of the Ice Machine.  The commercial ice-maker was completed following a seven-year […]

Outside factors influence Oregon tax revenue

Oregon’s tax collections will be down by about $200-million from projections for the two-year state budget cycle that began last month.  It’s unlikely that any immediate cuts in government spending will be required because of the down-turn. First of all, it’s still early in the cycle and second, because lawmakers […]