Get Your Radio Auction Bid Here


Make it easier on yourself! Prior to the auction, during regular business hours, call the radio station at 541-997-9136 or fill out the form below and we will email you a bid number. During the auction you can use your bid number instead of giving your name and phone number every time!

REMEMBER TO REGISTER EARLY. YOU CANNOT RECEIVE A BID NUMBER DURING THE AUCTION (but will have to use your name and phone number). Full auction item list also available at KCST Radio Studios and in the Siuslaw News published prior to the auction.

Fill out the form below or call 541-997-9136 to register for a bid number. There is no obligation to bid.

We will send back an email confirming registration with your bid number. Please call 541-997-9136 if you have any questions.

Additional info and radio auction item list can be found at



Both Stations – KCST 106.9 FM & 1250 AM KCFM 104.1FM & 103.1FM


Anyone Can Bid

HOW BIDDING WORKS:                     

  1. Anyone with a phone and a radio can bid
  2. Preview Friday’s Items
  3. Listen to KCST Radio 106.9 FM during the auction.
  4. When you hear an item you want, call 541-997-9136.
  5. Give your name, phone number, item number and bid amount.
  6. Listen and win!


Top three bids are kept. Highest bidder wins. You must pay at the radio station and pick up your item within 10 days following the auction. If payment arrangements have not been made prior to the deadline, you will forfeit your bid and will not be allowed to participate in future events.


Some of the items will be on display at selected merchants or at the radio station (as indicated on the auction list). The auction item list is available online, at participating merchants and at KCST. Some of the online items will have a picture linked to the item number.