Florence Mayor Phil Brubaker is on a mission.

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Economic Development is the target…

Phil Brubaker – “But what I’m really talking about is how do we get people back to Florence as tourists who will then see the town who will then say ‘well what are the housing prices like’, who will then go to the realtor and you know the rest of the story.”(click here to listen to quote)


Brubaker sees tourism as one answer to breaking out of an economic slump. He says much of the growth and prosperity in the Florence area over the past two decades has come as the result of visitors to the area liking it so much, they buy real estate and settle down.

The City Council agreed with the Mayor earlier this summer and set aside $50-thousand in room tax money to find a way to boost visitor traffic.  They’ve also set aside a special work-session next week to talk about.

Phil Brubaker – “So if you’ve got an idea about tourism revitalization we want to hear it.”(click here to listen to quote)


The Council meets Monday evening, beginning at six pm, at City Hall.