New Veterinary Clinic planned for Florence

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Local pet owners will have another option when it comes to veterinary care later this fall.  Dr. John Bachmann already had plans to open his own clinic when a longtime practice, one of only two in the area, closed this past spring.  He opted to wait and see if it would become available soon.

John Bachmann – “When Oceanside closed I kind of delayed and waited a little bit because I wanted to see if the bank was going to be able to get the practice back and be able to turn around and sell it in a reasonable period of time.”(click here to listen to quote)


That didn’t turn out to be the case, so Bachman returned to his original plan to remodel an existing building and go into practice.

          John Bachmann – “I’m hoping to open sometime between November First and December First.”(click here to listen to quote)


He has 26-years experience working with “companion mammals”… mostly dogs and cats… and for the past two years has been working as a ‘fill in’ Vet at several different clinics around the Northwest.  Bachmann is taking his application for design review to the Florence Planning Commission this evening.

          John Bachmann – “You know, once the Conditional Use Permit is granted then I can go ahead and sign the lease, get the building permits, hire the contractors, start the remodel and everything else.”(click here to listen to quote)


His new practice is planned for 3120 Highway 101, just north of Thornton’s Café.