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PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Samudra — the Oregon Zoo’s youngest
elephant — turns 3 years old today. Zookeepers say the
ton-and-a-half Asian elephant maintains his impressive growth rate
by nursing and eating lots of hay and produce. On the fresh food
front, he reportedly prefers fruit to vegetables. He and his mother
Rose-Tu are offered 100 pounds of fresh food daily.

SALEM, Ore. (AP) – Oregon anti-tax activist Bill Sizemore has
been released from jail after serving 18 days of a 30-day sentence
for state tax evasion. Marion County sheriff’s deputies say
Sizemore was released yesterday after getting credit for good
behavior and for working at the county jail complex in Salem. The
unsuccessful Republican nominee for governor in 1998 tells
reporters that his brief jail stint has made him a critic of the
criminal justice system. He also described jail food as

BEND, Ore. (AP) – Divers have recovered the body of a
55-year-old Oregon man who drowned in the Wickiup Reservoir
southwest of Bend. Deschutes County deputies say a man who tried to
swim out to a boat that had drifted yesterday was last seen about
80 yards from shore. The body of Michael “Dana” Edmunds of Dorena
was located last evening.

WHITE CITY, Ore. (AP) – In Southern Oregon near Medford,
bulldozers are at work in a wildlife area. They’re returning a
tributary of the Rogue River to its natural winding self. The
Medford Mail Tribune reports that will reverse the engineering work
of the 1950s, when bulldozers raised berms along Little Butte Creek
and created a straight shot through the area. At the time, the
argument was that the meandering stream contributed to erosion. But
the channeled stream also meant that coho salmon had no place for
refuge in high flows.

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