Medicare Boss in Florence

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The man in charge of the organization that provides health care to one in three Americans was in Florence yesterday.  Dr. Don Berwick, the Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is touring the Northwest and talking to health care providers along the way.  He and a phalanx of CMS officials had a conversation with about 50 local doctors, nurses, care providers and administrators at Peace Harbor Hospital.

          Dr. Don Berwick– “People are worried about an uncertain future.  Will we remain committed to true excellence in care in the country, or will we start to cut back on care because of the budget problems?”(click here to listen to quote)

Berwick said he heard many of the same concerns in Florence as he’s heard in other parts of the country.

Dr. Don Berwick – “I think what doctors want is some sense that they will be supported to give the kind of care that they really want to give, which is coordinated, seamless, patient centered care.  And I just hear that every where I go.”(click here to listen to quote)


He said care givers know what needs to be done to take care of patients properly and is excited about implementing provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act approved by congress last year.