First use of Administrative Review underway

A new design review process aimed at speeding up and streamlining the process for certain properties in the Florence Business Park is being used for the first time.  Florence Assistant Planner Michelle Pezley (PEEZ-lee) says the final application for the new Florence Dialysis Clinic on Kingwood Street is now complete.  Anyone can review the application and make comments to the city between now and September 6th.

Planning Commission Chair Jan Neiberlein (NEE-burr-line) also has until that date to request that the matter go before the the commission.  If she does, or if the applicant asks for it, the matter would be on the agenda for September 13th.

If it does not go to the Planning Commission, Community Development staff will review comments, if any, and deliver a final decision some time after September 6th.  Pezley says the application along with supporting documents is available for review at city hall or on the city’s website.