Boat owners facing mandatory inspections

Roadside inspection stations will be set up in several areas of Oregon next Friday to try and stem the tide of invasive species.  Oregon State Police will assist the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.  They’ll be directing anyone towing or hauling a boat to pull to the side of the road and have the boat inspected for two forms of mussels that, if they get a toehold in Oregon waters, could wreak environmental havoc.

Zebra and Quagga mussels are established in many states already and Oregon officials have been trying to keep them out.  The boat inspections will take about ten minutes, unless the mussels are found.  If so, then inspectors will use a pressure washer to clean the boat immediately.

There will be no penalties, nor any costs to the boat owner.  Power boats already pay an invasive species inspection fee in their annual registration.  Paddle craft and non-motorized vessels are required to purchase an annual permit.