Group hopes to change Heceta Water District in order to preserve it

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It’s still in the preliminary stage, but a core group of organizers want to change the way Heceta Water District is structured… so they can help keep it the same.  The group, made up of Lea Patten, Dick David and Ron Gerber, want voters to approve formation of a “People’s Utility District” that would take over the water district.

The intention would be for the PUD to assume all operations, assets and employees.

Debby Todd, a water district board member says she believes backers are taking this route to prevent the gradual erosion of the district’s base as areas are annexed into the city of Florence.  Todd and fellow board member Bob Hursh informed the board at their August 9th meeting they were involved in the petition process but are representing their own individual views.

Lane County Elections must certify the petition and the Lane County Board of Commissioners would be required to write a ballot title before it would go to voters.