Dunes Trail Plan moving to next phase

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A process to evaluate and reduce the number of trails used by ATVs in the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area will likely take several months before a final plan is drafted.  Critics say it’s too restrictive, closing many miles of trails that have been used for years.  Central Coast District Ranger Pam Gardner defended the plan, saying if viewed from the air, many of the trails resemble a pile of spaghetti.  Still she says, all of the input will be evaluated…

Pam Gardner:  “With the number of comments we’re getting it’s going to take us a while to sort through those and distill those down again to those key issues that we’ll be looking at.”(click here to listen to quote)


Gardner says the next step in the process will likely take several months, and comments will be acknowledged.

          Pam Gardner:  “A reflection of what we heard will be in the draft environmental impact statement.  And, again, those comments we’ve received from the public at this point will help us refine our proposed action and any alternatives that may come from those comments that we feel we need to look at in detail.”(click here to listen to quote)


Once the Environmental Impact Statement is drawn up, there will be yet another public comment period before the Siuslaw National Forest Supervisor takes final action… likely sometime next summer.