City of Florence Considering Special Zoning for Coast Village

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When it originally opened 40 years ago it was on the outskirts of Florence and intended to be a private campground, almost like a time-share resort.  But, over the years, Coast Village has been surrounded by development on the outside, and in-filled with more and more permanent residences.

Along the way it’s posed some unique challenges for city planners and building inspectors.  The tight streets and small lots, for the most part, permitted only non-traditional housing.  There have been a few exceptions though, with some larger manufactured homes gaining approval.

Rather than try to make the development pattern conform to existing regulations, Florence Senior Planner Wendy Farley says there’s now an opportunity to provide some affordable housing solutions at Coast Village.

The Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing September 13th on a proposed new residential zone that would allow permit permanent residential construction on lots smaller than six-thousand square feet.  The new zone would also allow for some permanent occupation of RVs.