North Fork Bear Not a Problem say officials

Wildlife officials are asking for help in dealing with a small bear that has created a problem along North Fork Siuslaw Road.  Because of the bear’s size, many people have assumed that it’s an abandoned cub and they’ve been feeding it.  If that continues, says wildlife biologist Doug Cottam with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the bear will likely have to be killed.

It’s not a cub he says, it’s actually a very small yearling that lives on its own.  Cottam estimated the bear to be the size of a medium dog… approximately 35 to 40 pounds.  The animal frequents the area between Highway 126 and Munsel Creek Road and appears to have learned that if it makes itself seen, it will likely get a free handout.  The biologist says that’s the worst thing you can do.  It’s too old to go to rehab and can’t be relocated… he says the best thing that can happen would be if people can quit feeding it and break the bear of its unnaturally acquired bad habit.