ePermits now available online

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General contractors and tradesmen will no longer have to stop what they’re doing, go stand in line at city hall and wait to apply for building, electrical or plumbing permit.  After a two year limited trial, the State of Oregon went ‘live’ this week with ePermits,

Carl Dependahl – “This process allows those that have enrolled in the system to apply online and actually pay online with a credit card. The real advantage also is that all of the record keeping that’s required by the state is handled online and the state maintains it.”

Florence Building Official Carl Dependahl (DEPP-en-doll) says all types of permits will be available online.  He also says it should be a boon to builders.

Carl Dependahl – “From the builder’s side of this, the time savings can be incredible. They can conduct most of their business from their place of business via computer. It doesn’t prevent people from picking up a phone and calling us or coming in. We’re, we’re still here to talk to.”

All of the training and software has been provided to the city, free of charge by the state.  The online process is funded by surcharges the state imposed on all applications beginning several years ago.