Turn trash into higher science test scores…

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Laura Smith is referred to by many around her as “the science lady”.  She volunteers in a program that brings science to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders at Siuslaw Elementary School.  And, she does it by gathering trash.

Laura Smith – “Those one way valves, the little pull top bottle caps you see on sports bottles and some water bottles, it makes a great hover-craft. You take an old CD, a bottle cap and a balloon and all the kids get to take one home. But only if we can get 200.

The hover craft is used to demonstrate the properties of friction… with a little gravity thrown in for good measure.  In order to make it work however, she needs help from the community in collecting a wide variety of items that might ordinarily end up in the recycle bin or trash can.  What may seem like waste to some, can actually turn into higher test scores.

          Laura Smith – “It’s a lot of fun. And, our Siuslaw science scores for the elementary school are well above state average and many of the teachers attribute it to the fact that the kids are just so turned on by science and they have such a good time that they really like it so it encourages them to read more and learn more even outside of class.”

She has a list of items she’s collecting for this year’s science projects, things like syrup and ketchup squeeze bottles, aluminum pie pans and even used up highlighter pens.  Go to kcst.com for more information on how to volunteer or contribute your trash.


Recycled items to save for 2011 Science Lab:

one way valve pull-top bottle caps
colored plastic rings from mouth of plastic drinking bottles
clear, squeeze bottles with flip-tops (ketchup, syrup, mayo)

squeezable Kool-Aid-Burst juice drink plastic bottles
one-to-two liter clear plastic (water /soda) bottles with tight fitting caps
old used felt tip highlighters (yellow, green or orange)
Vis-a-Vis black pens
aluminum pie pans (any size)
any “science-y” books, toys or stickers that can used for student prizes

Please drop off clean recycled items to the Science Lab Tub located in the elementary school’s main office during school hours.

If you would like to volunteer, or would like more information, email the science lady at MsSmithScience@Gmail.com