Local News Digest: Port Suspends Mgr. Search; Gas prices dip; Body Art

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Port of Siuslaw to temporarily suspend search for new manager

It turns out the search for a new manager for the Port of Siuslaw is going back to square one after all.  Following a private Executive Session yesterday afternoon, Port Commission President John Buchanan made the announcement.

John Buchanan– “Process now, we are going to suspend our present search for Port Manager, pending… uh, down the road.” (Click here to listen to quote)

The Commission had turned to the pool of four remaining finalists for the job after their first choice, a New Jersey man, changed his mind late last week.  Buchanan had earlier said they were in conversations with the Commission’s number two choice, but after discussing several options yesterday they opted instead to notify all candidates that the search would likely begin again in the near future.

Contributing to the decision was an offer by the interim manager, Susy Lacer, to extend her stay.

John Buchanan – “And she has agreed to an additional six months so there is no pressure on us right now to proceed.” (click here to listen to quote)

Buchanan said they’ll discuss the matter more fully during their next regular Commission meeting next week.

Tattoos on the Rise

It’s become an ever increasing fashion statement… body art.  For years tattoos were the province of outlaws, rebels, bikers and sailors.  But, over the past decade and a half they’ve grown in popularity with the mainstream of society… even becoming a fashion statement.  In fact, says Victor Tezanos with Oregon Coast Tattoo, one in four Americans reportedly sport ‘body ink’.

He and his wife Kylie own and operate the studio, founded in 2010.  Part of the rise in popularity is likely because of the expansion of availability of unique designs featuring artistry.  Kylie Tezanos says she’s designed and applied the more traditional tattoos such as memorials to loved ones.  But she’s also done the more whimsical… such as a design that featured a lawn mower on the back of a man’s balding head.

The Tezanos will talk about body art this afternoon on KCST’s Our Town beginning at four o’clock.

Oil prices up, retail gas down

Despite increases in crude oil prices, retail gas prices are down slightly in many markets… including along the Oregon Coast.  The national average for a gallon of regular unleaded, as measured by Triple-A, fell a penny this week to $3.44… while Oregon’s statewide average dropped two cents to $3.77 a gallon.  Local prices dipped by four cents and average $3.71 a gallon.