Local News Digest – Quality Child Care; Bank Transfer Day; Boat Launch; Daylight Savings

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Quality Child Care seeing results of fund drive

After a more than two year effort, backers of a new community child care facility are moving to the next stages of development.  Jenny Alberty with Quality Child Care of Florence says they met their building fund goal of just over $300-thousand.


Jenny Alberty — “Our capital campaign was reached suddenly. We had a long haul because of the recession.” (Click here to listen to quote)

Site prep next to the E-C Cares/Head Start building near Siuslaw Middle School will begin soon for a modular building that should be ready for operation by the first of the year.


Jenny Alberty — “It is being built as we speak. It’s a three-section modular, 26-hundred square feet, so, we’re thrilled.” (Click here to listen to quote)

While the first goal was reached, Alberty says they’re now moving on to the next phase, something they’ve been planning for all along… sustainable operations.


Jenny Alberty — ” That’s why we’ve taken our time with this so that we can keep our rates low and sustain.” (Click here to listen to quote.)

The group will be hosting a public forum from five to six pm Monday evening at Siuslaw Public Library to talk about the project.  Alberty says they also want to hear from parents who will be using the service.

Bank Transfer Day

Banking customers are being encouraged to “go local” this Saturday.  It’s called “Bank Transfer Day”, a spinoff of the Occupy Wall Street movement protesting corporate greed.  A social media campaign sprung up recently encouraging people to transfer from large corporate banks to something more local.  Credit Unions jumped on the campaign early, but they’re not the only resource says Dee Osborne.

Dee Osborne – “Most people are worried about the large Wall Street banks and the fees that they are imposing and the prices that the CEOs make and… but what they aren’t realizing is that the community banks are different. We’re in the communities, we pay taxes, we give back to the community, we volunteer. That’s what you should be headed towards, not away from.” (Click here to listen to quote)

Osborne is a Vice President with Siuslaw Bank, one of two locally owned community banks.  The other is Oregon Pacific.

Boat Launch getting upgrade

Work is expected to begin soon on replacing the boarding floats at the public boat ramp on Harbor Street in Old Town Florence.  Interim Port of Siuslaw Manager Susy Lacer says the work is funded by the Oregon State Marine Board.  Contractors will remove the existing floats and five wooden piles.  They’ll be replaced by new steel piling and concrete floats.  Boat ramp use will be limited during the work, but the job is expected to take less than two weeks.

Daylight Savings ends

It’s time to “Fall Back” this weekend as Daylight Savings Time comes to a close.  If you work it right, you’ll get an extra hour of sleep Saturday night.  Fire officials say while you’re moving around the house resetting clocks this weekend… it’s a good time to check the batteries in your smoke detector.  If you have one powered by a 9-volt battery fire officials suggest that rather than just checking it to go ahead and replace the battery.