Local News Digest — City Parks; QCCF; Another elk wasted

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Council to explore parks options…

Florence city councilors will hear a plan this evening aimed at increasing the number of volunteers taking care of city parks.  Revenue Forecasts show Florence will have only about half as much money needed to pay for parks maintenance next year.

There will still be at least one parks employee, but according to a report compiled by city recorder Kelli Weese and Senior Planner Wendy Farley, that single maintenance worker will be on his own without any assistance from seasonal or part time employees as he has in the past.  That could lead to closure of some park facilities as things deteriorate due to a lack of maintenance and upkeep.  Already city staff is recommending closure of public restrooms at two parks… the Munsel Lake Greenway and Rolling Dunes.  Neither of those parks have a very high usage so they say that action will have minimal impact.

Two heavily used public facilities will remain open… at Miller Park and in Old Town.  The report calls for a stepped up program of volunteer involvement and calling for more organizations to adopt city parks.  The Council meets this evening at City Hall at seven PM.

Another Elk Wasted on the North Fork


For the second time in the past two months authorities are investigating the illegal shooting of a trophy bull elk on the North Fork of the Siuslaw.

Authorities were notified yesterday morning by residents in the Upper North Fork Road area that a five point bull appeared to be severely wounded and was just wandering.  State police responded and had to put the animal down.  State Game Trooper Joshua Wetzel said it appeared the bull had been shot several weeks ago.  Because of the animal’s condition all of the meat went to waste.  It’s the second shooting of a trophy bull on the North Fork in the past several weeks.  Authorities had to kill another elk in early september.  A reward has been posted for information leading to the arrest of those responsible in both cases.

Quality Child Care to Hold Forum

Organizers of a new community based child care facility in Florence will be conducting a forum this evening to provide an update on their progress.  Quality Child Care of Florence will hold the forum from five to six pm at Siuslaw Public Library.  The group has met fundraising goals and has ordered a modular building that will be open and ready to go by January First.  Spokesperson Jenny Alberty says while they are not starting a waiting list for possible enrollees just yet, they do want to hear from parents who are are interested.