Fire Destroys Florence Home

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Fire Destroys Florence Home…

Firefighters breathed a sigh of relief when they confirmed that there was nobody at home this morning when a manufactured home and garage were destroyed by fire.  Siuslaw Valley Fire Marshall Sean Barrett said he’ll be relying on assistance from the State Fire Marshall’s office to determine the cause of the blaze that was reported by neighbors just before five this morning.  When Barrett arrived on scene a few minutes later, the home was nearly engulfed in flames.  He said it was too early to speculate as to what the possible cause may have been.  He also declined to rule out whether or not it was intentional.

Nobody was injured in the stubborn blaze that took more than three hours to contain.  Firefighters remained on the scene through the day mopping up hot spots.

The home was rented to Jill Newman of Florence, although she said she hadn’t stayed there for two months.  She had the power turned off two months ago while she was living with a boyfriend.  The home was owned by Paul Laga of San Francisco.  He had a rental management contract with Action Realty.