Local News: Riverside home in peril; Columbus Day Storm memories; Princess deadline extended

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Riverside home in peril once again

Originally built 21-years ago on a bluff overlooking the Siuslaw River, the home owned by Rick and Pat Lukens in Sea Watch Estates was almost immediately in peril because of bank erosion.  In 1997, the couple was able to get regulatory approval to shore up the hillside and thought they had solved most of their problems.

But, in late 2010 those problems reappeared.

Wendy Farley Campbell – “Shortly, I believe, before Christmas of last year, the Lukens’ experienced a bank failure on their lot and lost a lot of the western portion of their lot.  The revetment that had been placed in 1997, large amounts of it just washed into the river or are sitting precariously on the edge of the bank waiting to go into the river.”

Florence Planner Wendy Farley Campbell said the couple began what has been a 14 month process just to get permission for repairs that they hope will save the home.  The State of Oregon gave their approval in May, and in December the Corps of Engineers finally came through.  Now, the final step is from the City of Florence.

Wendy Farley Campbell – “They have addressed the city’s criteria and… I’m not anticipating any problems.”

The Florence Planning Commission will conduct a hearing this evening on the Lukens’ application to make repairs to the bank below their home.  The Commission meets at City Hall beginning at seven.

Storm Memories Sought

Where were you 50 years ago?

If you were in Western Oregon during the famed Columbus Day Storm of October 1962 you no doubt have some sort of story to tell about what has been described as one of the largest storms to make landfall in the past century.  46-fatalities were attributed to the storm; hundreds more were injured and more than 11-billion board feet of timber blew down in Northern California, Oregon and Washington… in two days equaling the annual timber harvest at that time.

Diane Novak at the Umpqua Discovery Center in Reedsport wants to hear your story about the Columbus Day Storm.  The center is collecting storm stories… and photos if you have them.  They can be dropped off at the center on Riverfront Way in Reedsport;  or emailed to info@umpquadiscoverycenter.com .

Rhody Court Deadline Extended

Yesterday’s original deadline for applications for the 2012 Rhododendron Festival Senior Court has been extended.  Florence Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Cal Applebee says the pageant committee will take applications through February 24th.  Applicants must be 17 years of age and attending high school in Mapleton or at Siuslaw.  The applications are available online at the Chamber’s website, at either school office or at the Visitor Center.