Local News – Wharf Renovation Draws Prospective Bidders; Expired Drugs Pose Challenges; North Jetty Road Temp Closure; Robinson in Florence

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Wharf Renovation Project draws several potential bidders

A half dozen contractors participated in a “pre-bid” meeting with Port of Siuslaw officials this week in anticipation of a major renovation to the wharf beneath ICM and Mo’s Restaurants.

Port Manager Bob Forsythe was encouraged at the turnout that indicates high interest and probable competitive bids for the estimated $1.9-million project.

Initially it was feared the two restaurants would have to be demolished in order to rebuild the wharf structure.  But an engineering alternative has been devised in the past two years that will allow both businesses to remain… and actually continue to operate throughout most of the process.

Forsythe says the design calls for a line of pilings on either side of the building with a double layer of steel “I” beams suspended beneath to serve as a new foundation.  Some of the existing pilings would be utilized, but most would wind up being cut off below the water line or removed entirely.

Bids for the grant-funded project are due July 27th… Construction would not begin until at least November 1st.

Temporary Closure at North Jetty Road

The access road to the North Jetty will be closed through this afternoon as crews work to remove brush and trees along the roadway.  Oregon State Parks workers will be focused on several trees that came down as the result of last winter’s storms.  Honeyman Region Manager Mike Rivers said his crews are still dealing with damage from the February and March storms.

The North Jetty access road was a lower priority because it was still passable, but visibility and clearances had been hampered.  Rivers said the U.S. Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Team will also be working in the area at the same time today, working around their structures near the mouth of the Siuslaw River.  The North Jetty access is expected to be reopened by three this afternoon.

Drug Shortage Poses Challenge

A nationwide shortage of many drugs used by emergency responders has prompted some ambulance crews to use expired or outdated supplies.  But locally, paramedics with Western Lane Ambulance say they would rather go without than risk injecting something that may not work as well.  The University of Utah’s Drug Information Service reports a shortage of 275 medications.

Many of the drugs are commonly used paralytic, anti-seizure, or other specialty medications that are used under specific circumstances.  Drug makers and the FDA are reportedly working on a solution to the shortage. Meanwhile, Oregon health officials say they are easing restrictions on the use of expired drugs.

Robinson in Florence

The Republican nominee for the Fourth District Congressional seat will be in Florence tomorrow afternoon for a town hall meeting.  Southern Oregon scientist and businessman Art Robinson is in his second challenge to 13-term Democrat Peter DeFazio.  Robinson will be at the Florence Events Center from four to six pm tomorrow.