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Real Estate Sales Looking Optimistic

The good news… Realtors in Florence sold more homes in the first nine months of this year than they did in all of 2011.  The not so good news, the median price of those homes, at $153,500, is $100,000 less than it was seven years ago.

Further confirming that the real estate market on the Central Coast has not fully recovered is that the average time spent on the market for residential properties is about eight months; and half of the homes that go up for sale in the area eventually come off the market for some other reason than that they sold.

Property appraiser Tawfik Ahdab says, though, the trend is still towards encouraging news.  He said the Florence area market is on track for an increase in sales of about one-third over last year’s 235.  Ahdab says there’s one other encouraging sign, the number of foreclosure or bank-owned sales is down in comparison to the past four years.  There are also a considerable number of pending sales headed into the fourth quarter; Ahdab says that “augurs” well for a sustained level of progress.

Fuel prices rise with supply restrictions

After steadily declining in August and September, the average price for regular gasoline appears to be on the rise once again.  Florence’s average price topped four-dollars this week at $4.01 a gallon, that’s up seven cents in a week.  Temporary closure of two California refineries is getting the blame for west coast supply restrictions and a subsequent rise in price.  Oregon’s statewide average as measured by Triple-A is up 8 cents to $4.08.  The national average price went up this week as well, but not as steeply.  It increased by three cents to $3.81.

Beach death explained

A man found dead on a beach north of Florence last week died of coronary artery disease.  That’s according to the Lane County Medical Examiner who examined the body of 57-year old Allyn Ernest Bradford of Lowell.  Bradford was found dead on the beach near Washburn Park October 4th.  He was camping alone at Washburne and officials say he likely had a medical emergency while walking on the beach.

Hospital Open House

An open house at Peace Harbor Hospital this coming Saturday will allow a ‘behind the scenes’ look at hospital operations.  While you’re there, some of the care providers are offering to take a ‘behind the scenes’ look at your health.  Since November is COPD awareness month, respiratory therapists will be using a validated screening tool to help identify people who may be at risk for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  It’s one of the most common lung diseases and there’s no cure for it.  But, with early detection and treatment, COPD is manageable.  Therapists will provide the screening to the first 40 people who request it during the open house, Saturday from 11 to 2.