KCST Original Great Pumpkin Pie Contest

October 30th, 2012. The first entry in the KCST Original Great Pumpkin Pie Contest. This one by Becky Ruede.

The first entry into the first ever KCST Original Great Pumpkin Pie contest was received Tuesday, October 30th.  Becky Ruede, local banker and the Mayor of Dunes City, definitely set the bar high for additional entrants.  Her dark, rich pie was not too sweet with a nice flaky crust and was served with freshly whipped real cream that melted over the tender filling.

Pies can be delivered to the Radio Center Studios at 4480 Highway 101 anytime during regular business hours (M-F 8-4:30).  But, if they’re delivered warm with fresh cream during the morning show they’ll get bonus points (that may or may not count).

There are no real rules other than the pies may not be store-bought, must be entered by the maker, and must have pumpkin as a main ingredient.  Results of the highly subjective taste-testing by the KCST Morning Show team of Wayne Sharpe, Bob Sneddon and various scalawags who try to horn in on free pie (such as afternoon host Harley Youngblood who has opted to come in early every day until Thanksgiving on the chance of getting a slice) will be announced Thanksgiving morning, Thursday, November 22nd during the morning show on KCST.

For information on how to bribe the judges or otherwise influence the outcome, email your account number, PIN and bank routing number to news@kcst.com.

The Original KCST Great Pumpkin Pie Contest is a promotion concocted solely by Wayne Sharpe and Bob Sneddon with absolutely no input, guidance, nor tacit approval of the management and ownership of Coast Radio.  That means Jon Thompson better not EVEN try to get a bite of pie.

Unless Pam Thompson decides to enter.