1st AP Oregon News Minutes

OR–1st NewsMinute/415 Here is the latest Oregon news from The Associated Press

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – The state medical examiner’s office has identified the remaining four people killed in a tour bus crash in eastern Oregon. Oregon State Police Lt. Gregg Hastings says 63-year-old Chun Ho Bahn, a U.S. citizen from Bothell, Wash., was one of the nine people killed in Sunday’s crash. Her husband is being treated at a hospital in Pendleton, just west of the crash site. Also killed was 61-year-old Ae Ja Kim, from Gangwon Province in South Korea. Her husband remains in a Portland hospital. Hastings says the names of the final two victims will be released following family approval.

MEDFORD, Ore. (AP) – A Jackson County sheriff’s spokeswoman says a 19-year-old man accused of driving 105 mph in a 55 mph Medford, Ore., speed zone was cited on New Year’s night. Spokeswoman Andrea Carlson said Thursday that a deputy spotted a fast-moving Honda Civic and got a radar reading on the car. Cited for speeding was Jonathon M. Ripley of Medford. The spokeswoman says convictions for driving over 100 mph carry a mandatory minimum 30- to 90-day suspension in addition to a $1,100 fine.

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Police arrested an Oregon teenager who confessed on Facebook that he had been driving drunk on New Year’s Eve and hit someone’s car. Astoria police say officers were investigating a hit and run involving a sideswiped car when two Facebook friends of Jacob Cox-Brown contacted authorities, reporting a Facebook post in which the 18-year-old wrote: “Drivin drunk … classsic 😉 but to whoever’s vehicle i hit i am sorry. :P” Deputy Chief Brad Johnston says Cox-Brown was charged with failure to perform the duties of a driver. He was not charged with drunken driving because the Facebook post is not sufficient evidence that he was intoxicated.

ALBANY, Ore. (AP) – Oregon State Police say a Portland man was arrested for investigation of drunken driving after a 911 call from his children riding in the back seat of his Jeep Cherokee. The Albany Democrat-Herald reports that one of the children jumped out of the vehicle barefoot on New Year’s Day at a highway pullout near Hoodoo ski resort and ran into traffic, seeking help. State police logs indicate the driver failed field sobriety tests after an Albany trooper arrived. Police say 47-year-old Michael Edward Stout was also arrested for investigation of reckless endangering and reckless driving.