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15 February 2013

Updated Tsunami Maps Available

Peace Harbor Hospital would likely be safe, as would most of Florence, but the core Old Town Area, a residential neighborhood west of Highway 101, portions of Greentrees and a large stretch of homes around Heceta Beach Road as much as three-quarters of a mile from the beach could be underwater in the worst case scenario of a large tsunami.

The Oregon Department of Geology released the central coast portions of tsunami inundation maps this week.  It is actually a set of maps… one shows the areas that would likely be inundated by a tsunami generated by a distant earthquake… one in Alaska or even Japan.

The other shows a range of five different possibilities in the event of a large off-shore earthquake, ranging from small to double-x-large.

The maps are not viewable online in their most detailed form.  That’s only available on a DVD or poster that must be purchased,.  But free brochures showing the areas will be available later this spring.  Preliminary information can be found at Oregon Geology dot ORG.

Honor Flights

Four area World War II veterans are scheduled to be on the May tour that will visit the National World War II Memorial in Washington DC.  Three others are on the waiting list, but none may be able to make the trip unless the organization that provides the flights can come up with local donations.

South Willamette Valley Honor Flight is part of a national group dedicated to getting all World War II veterans to the memorial at no cost to them.  Area director Mike Pungercar says the trips cost $1,000 each, all of it supported by donations.  They have a trip scheduled for late April that will likely use all of the funds in their account, leaving the May trip short of funds.  He’s asking for local donations to help offset the expenses for that trip when as many as eight local vets will be on board.  Information on where to donate can be found the organization’s website.

Oregon Blue Book

Oregon’s latest version of the official almanac was released yesterday… on the occasion of the state’s 154th birthday.  The Oregon Blue Book is available in the traditional bound version… but for the past several years it’s also been available online, says Secretary of State Kate Brown.

Kate Brown – “The publication of the Blue Book is a special occasion for all Oregonians.  It’s an opportunity to review our state’s history and revel in its natural beauty and cultural institutions.”

The Blue Book has been published every year since 1911.  It contains up to date listings and descriptions of Oregon agencies and educational institutions as well as maps and facts about Oregon history.

Parks Impact

A recently completed Oregon State University study estimates the total economic effects of the state park system on Oregon’s coastal economy adds up to nearly a half-billion dollars and effects nearly six-thousand jobs on the coast.  The 2011 survey of park visitors by a trio of OSU economists showed that in the 23-million visits to coastal state parks that year, the visitors spent an average of about $150 each, creating a ‘chain reaction’ of business spending.