1st Oregon News Minute from the AP

Date: 03/04/2013 03:59 AM

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Here is the latest Oregon news from The Associated Press


SALEM, Ore. (AP) – The Oregon Legislature’s chief budget writers are expected to release their proposed two-year spending plan today. The proposal will be a blueprint that will drive budget discussions in the coming months. The budget is likely to include at least $6.75 billion for schools. That’s $1 billion more than the current two-year budget, enough to reverse some budget cuts that have plagued schools with fewer teachers, larger classes and shortened school years. But sending that much more money to the classroom would mean spending less on the teacher’s retirement. It’s not clear how much less money would be spent on pensions.

NEWPORT, Ore. (AP) – Newport police say a 10-year-old boy falsely reported he was abducted to avoid getting in trouble. The Statesman Journal says officers responded to a call from the boy’s custodial family, who reported him missing Friday evening. Newport Police Sgt. Tom Simpson says officers found the boy just before 7 p.m. He told authorities that he had been abducted by an older man driving a large truck. Police say the boy admitted fabricating the story on Saturday to avoid getting into trouble with family members and school officials. He’d left school without permission and gone to an area of Newport he was unfamiliar with.

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) – Police say a 44-year-old man was killed when he crashed head-on with another vehicle that was traveling the wrong way on Interstate 5. The Oregonian reports that the 26-year-old man driving the other vehicle was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The crash happened around 4:30 a.m. Sunday just north of Canyonville. The 26-year-old was driving a GMC Yukon SUV. The man who died was driving a Kia sedan. Oregon State Police are investigating the crash.

ASTORIA, Ore. (AP) – Clatsop County residents are asking county leaders to ensure potential drone training at Camp Rilea would be kept within the base’s airspace and not public skies. The Daily Astorian says the Oregon Army National Guard presented their intent to use Camp Rilea for drone training exercises at a county board meeting in June. They say that it would be used inside the base and in designated training areas. But that didn’t stop local residents from presenting a letter Wednesday. The group submitted a draft resolution that outlined use of the drones, asking that they be prohibited from public airspace in Clatsop County.


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