Stillwater Condo leaves controversy behind; Good Friday; Studded Tires; Robo Cop makes robo calls

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28 March 2013

Stillwater Condo Remodel Approved

This time around there was no controversy, no public protests, no testimony in opposition and… a staff report supporting the decision.

The Florence Planning Commission this week unanimously approved a request to expand the top floor of the Stillwater Condominium and replace a stairwell that has deteriorated due to water damage.

The three story condominium was the center of much controversy in 2005 when it was on the drawing board for the first time.  The city council had recently approved taller buildings in the Old Town Area so local developers put together a plan for the compact building next to the bridge.

Public opinion roared in opposition and the Planning Commission imposed restrictions and ultimately approved a revised project.

It’s now nearly eight years later and the homeowners association says water damage to a stairway and a subsequent mold problem, partly because of those revisions, has caused severe damage.  They asked for… and received approval… to rebuild the top floor using the same design that had been denied by planners in 2005.

Goof Friday Observances

Tomorrow is Good Friday… one of the most holy days for followers of Jesus Christ.

A special three-hour community wide service will be hosted at the Florence Church of the Nazarene beginning at noon tomorrow.  It’s organized and hosted by the Florence Ministerial Association with half-hour segments being presented by pastors and leaders of a half-dozen different congregations.

Several other congregations will be holding Good Friday observances throughout the day and into tomorrow evening…

Studded Tire Deadline

A study 13 years ago found they cause an estimated $40-million damage each year to city streets, county roads and state highways.  If you have studded tires on your car Monday… they could cost you an additional $150.

Studded tires can improve traction in packed snow and ice, but on bare pavement, all they do is make noise and tear up the asphalt.

Oregon transportation officials are reminding drivers in the state that studded tires are not allowed after March 31st.  They say the weather forecast for the next two to three weeks does not warrant extending that deadline.

Robo Cop Making Robo Calls?

Who says cons and scammers don’t have a sense of humor.  One of the most recent phone scams making the rounds is an automated phone call advising the person answering that they were the subject of a “bench warrant” because of an unpaid speeding ticket.  The pre-recorded call directs the person to purchase a reloadable debit card, call another number and enter a security code to pay the citation and avoid further action.

One other detail of the call… in at least one reported incident the voice on the robo-call identifies himself as Officer Alexander James Murphy.  Astute movie buffs will recall that was the title character of the 1987 science fiction movie Robo Cop.

Officials at the Oregon Department of Justice… and the Oregon State Police say officers never call to solicit payment of traffic fines.

Oh, by the way, they say the best way to respond to this type of scam attempt is to simply hang up.