School Board asked to approve layoffs; Watch out for tech support scam; Three Rivers Health Fair; Surviving the survival

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9 April 2013

School Board Asked again to approve possible layoffs

A possible revenue shortfall of more than $700-thousand in the coming school year could mean the loss of up to eight teachers at Siuslaw schools.

Board members were surprised last month with a request by administrators at the March 13th meeting to formally authorize the possible layoffs and balked at making a decision without more discussions.  Notice of the possible layoffs had already gone out to several teachers that week, ahead of the meeting.  Superintendent Jeff Davis said the board’s approval of the action would bring “transparency” to the process, even though it would also ultimately be discussed by the district’s budget committee.

In a report this week to the school board, Davis says he’s once more asking for formal authorization.  The move is required, he says, because of current financial conditions.  In his report he adds, the collective bargaining agreement with teachers also requires it.

Several possibilities exist that could stave off at least some of the layoffs. Those include teachers and staff members agreeing to pay cuts through furlough days and additional funding from the legislature.

Surviving the survival

Getting through the weeks and months following a wide-spread disaster, like an earthquake or tsunami, is going to require extensive planning and preparation.

Government agencies and emergency response groups are working on plans that deal with the aftermath.  But a lot of that preparation will fall to individual residents as well.

For several years the West Lane Emergency Operations Group has been stressing a four-step process that includes knowing your neighborhood; having a plan; stocking up on basic supplies of food, water and medicine; and helping your neighbors out.

This month the group is taking things a little further.  The monthly “Living on Shaky Ground” class will focus on “how to survive the survival.   Things like understanding what insurance covers and what it doesn’t; how will businesses and financial institutions get back up and running?

This month’s class is set for this Saturday at Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue… there’s no cost to attend, but you’ll need to register by calling the fire station.

Beware of possible tech support scam

Lane County Sheriff Tom Turner is warning residents of yet another possible scam.

His office has received several reports of residents who have had unsolicited phone calls identifying themselves as “Windows Technical Support”.

The caller tries to convince the resident there is an issue with their home computer.

One goal they apparently have in mind is to gain remote access to your computer and ultimately personal and financial information. At the very least, the caller might try to convince you to download a virus hidden in a so-called diagnostic program.  Once the virus is discovered, they’ll then offer to remove it… for a fee.

Turner says officials at Microsoft have confirmed they do not make outbound solicitations for service.  He urges residents to be suspicious of unsolicited calls.

Three Rivers Health and Wellness Fair

A “teddy bear hospital” and the “Glo-Germ” booth will return for another appearance at the Three Rivers Casino Community Health Fair set for this Friday.

The popular Teddy Bear hospital will allow children to bring their dolls and bears in for a ‘check up’, while the Glo-germ booth dramatically demonstrates the effectiveness of good hand washing.

The health and wellness fair will feature more than two-dozen booths with information and advice on how to stay well and healthy.

Three Rivers Food and Beverage Director Gary Gortz will present a healthy cooking demonstration, as will as free samples and recipes.

The health fair is ten to three Friday at Three Rivers Casino.