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Local News – Relay For Life – Oregon Legislature – World Oceans Day

    Relay For Life Heads Back to Miller Park

The American Cancer Society Relay for Life will be at MillerPark this year after all.

After more than a decade at that location, organizers of the annual event had opted to move it to Hans Peterson Field.

They had, they felt, approval from school district officials, but were working through some other obstacles.

Relay chair Karen Earnshaw said several major challenges had been resolved but committee members continued to “face new obstacles” which, she said, were diverting limited energy away from their mission and purpose.

Two reasons drew local organizers to try to move to the school track this year… one was the security.  The field is fully fenced.  The other is that the facility, they felt, would provide for a closer, more intimate feel.

Sources intimated the move was a result of frustration with school district personnel.

Earnshaw said she appreciated the support of the school board, but said relay organizers and the district perhaps weren’t – quote – “ready for this type of partnership at this time”.


The Oregon Legislature is moving closer to adjournment.  The House Budget Committee approved a funding package of $6.55-billion for K-through-12 education late last week.  That’s a 14-percent increase over two years ago… about $800-million in all.  Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee said the money will be enough for most school districts to avoid cutting teachers or school days.  Some districts, like Siuslaw, still face some budget struggles.

Some Republicans voted against the funding plan, saying lawmakers should free up more money for classrooms by cutting further into pensions for teachers and other public employees.

The measure could go to the Senate as early as today or tomorrow.


The Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport will be teaming up with marine conservation groups this weekend to celebrate World Oceans Day.

June 8th is designated by the United Nations to encourage people to take action on protecting the world’s oceans.

The aquarium will offer several special activities Saturday to commemorate the occasion.  Erin Paxton, the public relations coordinator, says there will be interactive education presentations, a fish dissection…. And SCUBA diving presentations in the Aquarium’s Passages of the Deep and OregonKelpForest exhibits.

Paxton said all activities are included with regular paid admission.  The facility is open from nine AM to 6 PM every day.