School Budget Approved; Heat and humidity to rise; 4th of July in Florence; Plover population gaining ground

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28 June 2013

Final School Budget Set

The Siuslaw School Board heard some good news last night as they wrapped up work on the budget for the coming year.

It came from finance director Kari Blake who told the board a higher than expected ending fund balance for the current year will provide just over $1-million in “one-time” revenue.

Blake also told the Board that there will be an extra $78-thousand from the Lane Education Service District that will help fund ‘life-skills’ education for special needs students.

Despite the good news, things will still be tight in 97-J schools in the coming year.  Administrators expect class sizes in the elementary school to average about 31 students while first and second grade classrooms will average about 28 students.

The Board took final action on approving the final 2013-14 budget requiring just under $19-million in appropriations.

Hot enough for you? 

That may be the question many Oregonians are asking over the next few days as the weather abruptly turns from wet to warm.

Forecasters say hot, sunny weather this weekend will likely continue well into next week, bringing with it record-breaking temperatures.

Forecasters say it won’t only be warm… it will also be humid and will likely remain warm at night too, making it very uncomfortable through the end of next week.

Highs in the 90s are forecast in the inland areas of Western Oregon Monday and Tuesday with 60s and 70s along the coast.

It will be the hottest in southern Oregon and on the Columbia Gorge where triple digit temperatures could be recorded… some as high as 110 degrees.

4th of July in Florence

Residents in the Willamette Valley will be escaping the heat and likely heading to the beach next week.  If they stick around until next Thursday, they’ll find a lot of things to keep them occupied including a rubber duck race on the Siuslaw River; watermelon and pie eating contests; and, of course, the annual public fireworks display over Old Town.

Despite some earlier uncertainty, organizers have been able to secure a barge that will serve as the firing platform once again… making the show visible from most locations along the waterfront.

Cal Applebee, Executive Director of the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce also wanted to point out that private fireworks are not allowed on public property… such as the Boardwalk, Port parking lot or even streets and sidewalks in Old Town.

Plover population improves

It’s ok to walk your dog or fly a kite on the beach… as long as it’s well away from nesting areas of the endangered Western Snowy Plover.

It’s half way through the current nesting season of the small shore bird, which means since mid March there have been ropes and signs marking areas of the beach where the bird has been spotted setting up nests.

Beachgoers still have access to wet sand areas on the beach near the roped off areas, but they’re restricted to “passive” activities such as walking or horseback riding.

Last year there were 231 nesting plovers counted along the Oregon Coast… that’s up from a population low of only 28 identified in 1992.

Nesting restrictions will remain in place until September 15th.