Governor Calls Special Session; Former Administrator Won’t Face Charges; Flu Shots? Flu Shots.

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24 September 2013

No Charges Coming For Former Administrator

Former Lane County Administrator Liane Richardson may have violated ethics laws; but proving beyond a reasonable doubt that she knowingly did so would be difficult.  That’s according to a report compiled by the Marion County District Attorney’s office this week.

Richardson was fired from the post she had held for two years in August after it was revealed she had altered her deferred compensation plan and improperly converted sick and vacation pay into cash in violation of county policies.

Deputy Marion County DA Paige Clarkson, in a report released yesterday, recommended against any legal action against Richardson despite the apparent violations.  Clarkson said proving the former administrator had intended to violate the laws would “be difficult”.

Clarkson also cited the fact that Richardson and the Board of Commissioners signed a mutual agreement dismissing any possible further legal claims by either party as a factor in opting not to pursue charges.

Special Session Official

Governor John Kitzhaber has formally called lawmakers into special session next week.

Kitzhaber issued a proclamation Monday calling legislators to Salem to work on legislation that would lower costs in the public-employee pension system and raise new revenue.

The governor announced last week that he intended to call the special session after reaching an agreement with legislative leaders.

The special session will begin at 8 a.m. Monday. Kitzhaber has said he hopes it will last just one day, but it could last longer if lawmakers struggle to work out details or gain enough support.

Flu Shots

The Centers for Disease Control says the single best way to prevent influenza is by getting a flu shot each and every year.

Vaccination not only helps prevent you from coming down with the flu, but it also helps prevent you from spreading it.

Flu viruses are constantly changing with different strains being more prevalent than others from year to year.  That’s why health officials say you need to get a shot every year.

Flu shot clinics are already underway.  There have been clinics in Florence already.  They’ll be available next week at Reedsport City Hall when the Douglas County Health Department offers shots October 4th.

The C-D-C says it’s best to get your shot early… it can take up to two weeks following vaccination before adequate antibodies are present to provide protection.