Dunes City Citizen Involvement; Coffee with the Superintendent; Beware of bears.

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15 November 2013

Green Light For Dunes City Citizen Involvement

The state agency that watches over citizen involvement in local land use actions gave a thumbs-up this week to Dunes City’s new Committee for Citizen Involvement ordinance.  The State Citizen Involvement Advisory Committee, based on direct input from some residents, initially opposed the ordinance, but reversed course Tuesday according to City Administrator Fred Hilden.

Fred Hilden – “Basically buttons everything up and makes it, perfectly, according to Hoyle.”

The state approval is the final step in the amendment process for the city’s Comprehensive Plan and it took effect this week with no other protests or appeals.

Fred Hilden – “The ordinance, according to our charter, becomes effective 30 days after adoption.  It was adopted on October 10th

The state panel had expressed concern with the plan to route all citizen involvement in the land-use process through the planning commission.  Hilden and elected officials were able to show the move still allowed for public involvement.

Hilden said he wasn’t clear on just who challenged the move, but said he was pleased it was finally approved.

Police Urge Caution with Bears

A recent encounter between a Florence resident and a bear in the man’s yard has local police urging caution.  Police Lieutenant John Pitcher said his officers were not told about it until yesterday.  Apparently a man living on Yew Street discovered a bear digging through his garbage and tried to chase it off.  At one point, the bear lunged at the man, swinging a paw at him and reportedly grazing him with the claws.  He was not seriously injured.

Pitcher said the incident points out that because it is late in the season residents need to continue to exercise caution.

John Pitcher – “They’re starting… trying to get out and eat a lot because it’s getting close to time for them to start hunkering down so they’re being a little more active right now.”

He says stay away from bears, keep your garbage and pet food closed up and don’t try to chase or harass them in any way.

Coffee with the super…

Beginning next week parents and other residents will have a chance to spend some ‘one-on-one’ time with the head of Siuslaw Schools.

Superintendent Shawn Wiencek says she’s working on several different events aimed at connecting the schools with the community.  One of those is a “coffee connection” at the School District office one week from today.

Wiencek says she’ll pour the coffee and let residents tell her what they think is working well and what needs improvement.

Next week’s Coffee Connection will be Friday, November 22nd from ten to 11 AM.