Christmas Basket Goal Revised

16 December 2013

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Christmas Basket Fundraising Nearing New Goal

The financial goal was revised downward, and they’re still not quite there, but organizers of the annual Community Christmas Basket project say they will distribute food boxes and toys this Saturday.

Florence Soroptimist president Carol Bennett said the initial goal was $22,000 and that would have provided plenty of extras in the food boxes containing ingredients and supplies for a Christmas meal for households in need.

That goal has been lowered now to $18,000.  But, as of yesterday they were still at $16,000 and Bennett

said they’re hoping to make that difference up in the next few days.

The Christmas food boxes will be distributed Saturday from ten to one pm… or until they run out… at Siuslaw Middle School on Oak Street.

Toys and stocking stuffers will be handed out to parents and guardians from ten to four, also on Saturday, at the Church of the Nazarene on 12th Street.

Last minute cash donations can be dropped off this week at Hoberg’s Complete Auto Repair.

Schools Issue Stranger Caution

School District officials at Siuslaw sent an advisory to parents and guardians to talk to their children about the dangers of strangers Friday afternoon.

That came after teachers at Siuslaw Middle School learned a stranger had offered a group of 8th grade boys a ride to school that morning.

Middle School Principal Andy Grzeskowiak said an aide heard the boys talking about the incident and alerted administrators.

The students said a man with a white beard and glasses in a red car just a block away from the school offered the ride and they ran away.

Grzeskowiak said parents were notified and teachers took the opportunity to talk to students.

Other schools in the area were notified, as were police officers who began to investigate.

The principal said officers initially weren’t sure just who the man might be, but with assistance of a parent they were able to make a tentative identification.  It’s not clear if they were able to make contact with the man… and his name was not released.

New Laws Set to Take Effect

Arnie RoblanState Senator Arnie Roblan says legislative accomplishments made by lawmakers earlier this year put Oregon families and small businesses first; reinvested in public education; bolstered job creation and made

college more affordable and accessible.

Many of the laws approved earlier this year have already gone into effect, but more still are set to become law January 1st.

Among those are laws that promote the early detection of breast cancer; discourage cell phone use while driving; enable cities to use public research at universities to promote economic growth; and keep track of “buy Oregon” incentives.

Senators and Representatives are set to return to Salem in early February for a brief six-week session.