Weary of the Weather?

10 February 2014

Weary of the Weather?

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Thousands of people remain without power in the Willamette Valley today… and schools, government offices, and businesses are either cancelled or running on delays after several days of heavy snow and freezing rain.

A brief, but powerful storm late Saturday swept through the Florence area; causing scattered outages and downed trees; but no lasting damage.

Road crews have been working 24-hour shifts all over Western Oregon for several days, attempting to clear roads of debris, snow and ice in preparation for the resumption of the work week.

Rick Little with Oregon Department of Transportation says they were assisted by residents who mostly stayed home over the weekend, reducing traffic and allowing crews to work uninterrupted.

Little says drivers need to keep an eye on the forecast and local conditions… even though snow has been removed from most highways; any moisture on the road will refreeze if temperatures dip below freezing.

Bulkhead Replacement Costs Higher Than Expected

Port of Siuslaw officials know they need to replace a failing bulkhead along the river-bank next to the Sport Marina and RV Park.  Now they know about how much it will cost.  Port Manager Bob Forsythe said the initial estimates received last week list the project cost without engineering fees, at about $1.2-million.  The next step is to find a way to pay for it on a limited budget.

Forsythe says doing nothing is really not an option.

Bob Forsythe – “We would have no sport marina any more.  Honestly, it would have an economic impact significant to the Port and the RV Park and to the sports people through the district that come to launch their boats.”

He is confident that grant funding can be found for a “significant” amount of the cost, with the balance coming from loans… either low interest through a state agency… or through traditional sources.

Port of Siuslaw Commissioners need to meet to review the cost estimates before deciding whether or not to proceed with the project.

Phone Scam Warning Reissued

The Lane County Sheriff’s office says people are continuing to receive phone calls from a man indentifying himself as a police Lieutenant or Sergeant and demanding payment over the phone for a bogus fine.

Sergeant David Bones… a real Sheriff’s Deputy… says the fake one has now called several people telling them they failed to appear for a Grand Jury Duty Subpoena and a warrant will be issued for their arrest unless they pay a fine immediately…

Bones said the caller is asking for any where from $390 to $15-hundred.

He said the Sheriff’s Department does not make calls for payments on citations or fines… and deputies do not call you to inform you that there is a warrant out for your arrest… they prefer to do that in person.

Bones said if you get a similar call or if you have questions about validity of phone calls referring to jury duty or payment of fines… contact local authorities.

Lawmakers and Staff Back to Work

The Oregon Capitol reopened earlier this morning after losing a weekend of work to adverse weather conditions.  Legislative leaders closed the chambers Friday citing concerts for the safety of staffers, citizens and lawmakers because of the weather.

Committee hearings for this afternoon will be held as scheduled and a late-afternoon floor session will be held to advance business… but House Speaker Tina Kotek says no floor votes will be held.

Lawmakers have only 35 days to complete this year’s business… the session began last Monday, leaving 27 days after today.