Fire Board members choose new leader

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20 August 2015

Board president deposed after just one month

This time the focus wasn’t on the fire chief… but on the president of the board of directors. Former Siuslaw Valley Fire and Rescue board president John Scott called on John Carnahan last night to relinquish his role as board president.

The move came a month after Carnahan unsuccessfully tried to dismiss Fire Chief Jim Langborg.

Scott told Carnahan the role of the board president was extremely important; requiring regular contact and a good working relationship with Langborg.

Carnahan defended himself saying he would follow the board’s direction and as far as he was concerned, the move to dismiss the chief was behind them. He also said if it were the board’s will to replace him as president he would abide by that.

Scott was elected to resume the presidency… a post he held on the board until last month.

Emergency drill designed to challenge responders

It was just a drill, and the injured people were actors playing a role, but firefighters, medics, police and medical personnel at Peace Harbor Medical Center treated it like the real thing yesterday.

Peace Harbor spokesperson Kat Rannow (RANN-oh) said the intention was to test how the emergency medical system would be able to respond to a “mass casualty” event.

Kat Rannow – “Having a plan is one thing. Actually role-playing it out to see where you need improvements in areas where you’re already doing well is immensely valuable.”

The drill revolved around 30 students at Siuslaw High School, injured after a car in the auto shop class exploded.

Responders were able to assess, triage, and transport patients that needed it; and simply treat others that weren’t badly injured.

Likewise, according to Rannow, the Emergency Department and all accompanying units at Peace Harbor were able to handle the massive influx of patients.

Sailors asked to sign up

Registration for new students at Mapleton schools will be offered next Monday and Tuesday. Superintendent Jodi O’Mara says all students entering seventh through 12th grades must register. Only incoming kindergartners and students new to the Mapleton district need to register for grades one through six. Parents or guardians of Kinders need to make sure to bring proof of immunization and a copy of their student’s birth certificate.

Mapleton will be offering full-day kindergarten this year. O’Mara said they didn’t have to add any classroom space, but did increase staffing.

She said all elementary students are also invited to drop off their school supplies and meet their teachers on Wednesday, September 2nd between one and three pm. The first day of school will be Tuesday, September 8th.

Doc Talk airs on Coast Radio

A new program on local radio begins this morning. The mission of the program is to provide in depth information about a variety of health-related topics. It’s called “Doc Talk” and it’s presented by Peace Harbor Medical Center.

The monthly show will be hosted by Coast Radio’s George Henry and will feature a comprehensive conversation with a different physician or other medical professional each month.

The August program features orthopedic surgeon Toby Hanson talking about joint pain, overall joint health and replacement.

Toby Hanson – “As we get older, the weekend warriors, as arthritis starts to creep in, whether or not we want to admit it or not; can start showing up as dull achey pain that presents more often as you’re trying to be active.”

The premiere episode airs on KCFM, 104.1 at 10:00. It re-airs Sunday on KCST at noon.

Dunes City Community Expo

Informational sessions on septic system maintenance, drinking water quality and disaster preparedness will be featured Saturday at Dunes City Hall.

City Administrator Fred Hilden said the annual Dunes City Community Expo will also feature a free lunch… and a visit by state senator Arnie Roblan.

The Coos Bay democrat will focus on the issues related to the main topics of the day. He is also expected to address several other legislative issues.

The expo will run from ten AM to three PM Saturday at Dunes City Hall… just off Pacific Avenue in Westlake.