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29 September 2015

Awareness march draws more than 100

Nearly every other day, on average, someone is seeking assistance from Siuslaw Outreach Services because they are in an abusive relationship and need help. David Wiegan, the director of SOS:

David Wiegan – “During 2014 we provided advocacy services to 170 survivors of domestic violence and 32 survivors of sexual assault. That’s still just way, way too many. That’s over three per week.”


October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and Wiegan said they started it early… last Sunday… with a march through Old Town Florence. The day before that, a special insert was placed in the Siuslaw News.

David Wiegan – “It’s a four page supplement. We had some very well written articles by a number of community leaders talking about the subject and providing information and facts as well.”


The intention is to get a conversation started in October about the issue of domestic violence… and keep it going all year long.

Florence Public Works to get new home

Florence’s Public Works department will be making a move sometime next year. Public Works Director Mike Miller said a new facility is in the works for the business park just north of the airport.

Mike Miller – “We’re hoping to actually break ground and start in the spring, building a new facility, corner of 27th and Kingwood. It’ll be towards the back side, towards the airport more.”

The first phase will be cost approximately $1.4-million. The original plans were quite extensive… and carried an expensive price tag.

Mike Miller – “Five, five and a half million. So, it’s significantly less, it’s a start. It will actually get us out of the old police station on Spruce.”

Miller says they’ll start with a large maintenance building that will likely have temporary office space built in. Eventually, a separate Public Works office building may be added.

Lane County Commissioner to converse in Western Lane

Coffee, conversation and introduction to an auditor are in store this week for residents in Western Lane County. Lane County Commission Chair Jay Bozievich will be in Mapleton and Florence Thursday for four different events.

The first two are part of his series of “conversations” with community members. Bozievich will be at the Caffeination Station in Mapleton Thursday from ten to 11:30; then at the Bridgeport Market in Old Town Florence from 12:30 to two. He will hear concerns and answer questions in an informal setting.

Then, he’ll move to the Siuslaw Public Library at three that afternoon and will be joined by the new Lane County Performance Auditor Shanda Miller. They’ll talk about Miller’s position and duties. A second meeting with the auditor will also be held at the library, it will run from six to 7:30.

Authorities are trying to determine who the owner of a burned out pickup is. It was discovered on the beach, about two miles south of the Siuslaw River near Florence September 27th. It's believed to have been stolen. (photo by Pete Warren)
Authorities are trying to determine who the owner of a burned out pickup is. It was discovered on the beach, about two miles south of the Siuslaw River near Florence September 27th. It’s believed to have been stolen. (photo by Pete Warren)

Foglio Trucking wins grant to rehab waste water

A $40-thousand state lottery grant will help a local business owner keep pollutants out of Woahink Lake… and continue to provide good paying jobs for 35 employees. Foglio Trucking won the grant from the Lane County Board of Commissioners tto help pay for a $50-thousand renovation of an existing water filtration and reclamation system.

The current system, says Gary Foglio, is in need of replacement. It captures stormwater runoff from the facility before it can run into Woahink Lake.

Likely stolen vehicle discovered on beach

Lane County Sheriff’s deputies are trying to find the owner of a pickup that was found abandoned on the beach south of Florence.   The burned out shell of a crew cab pickup was discovered about two miles south of the Siuslaw River entrance Sunday morning. It appears to have crashed into a large girder supporting a sign. There was extensive damage to the front of the truck and the rest was destroyed by fire.

Lane County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Lane said the Vehicle ID number was obliterated in the fire. Police believe the truck was stolen.