Drop, Cover and Hold On Thursday

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14 October 2015

502,000 Oregonians have signed up to participate in worldwide earthquake drill

The world’s largest earthquake drill is set for tomorrow morning at 10:15.

That’s when more than a half-million Oregonians have told the Office of Emergency Management they will drop, cover and hold on along with an estimated 40-million people world-wide.

OEM Geologic Hazards Coordinator Althea Rizzo said “it’s critical that people know what to do during an earthquake so they can be survivors”, adding that “Oregon is at risk for both crustal and subduction zone earthquakes”.

A lot of attention has been focused on the risk of the latter in the Pacific Northwest. The Cascadia Subduction Zone is a fault line stretching from California to British Columbia with the potential of being the source of a nine-point-oh-plus earthquake.

Rizzo says everyone is encouraged to stop what they are doing tomorrow morning at 10:15… drop to the floor or ground; cover their head; and hold on… just as they would during a real earthquake.

Oregon bucks national gas price trend

The average price for a gallon of regular gas in Oregon took the second highest monthly drop in the nation over the past four weeks, falling a total of 31 cents a gallon. This week’s fall was only a nickel and the statewide average, as measured by Triple-A is at $2.38.

Normally in the top ten for most expensive fuel prices, Oregon is in the middle of the pack at number 22 says Marie Dodds with Triple A.

The national average price gained for the second week in a row… it’s up two cents this week to $2.31.

Florence’s average cash price fell by four cents again this week… it’s still well below the national and statewide averages at $2.10 a gallon.

Ride the Rhody Express

Florence City Councilor Susy Lacer will be riding the Rhody Express this afternoon

She’s inviting others to do the same.

Each month, either Mayor Joe Henry or another member of the Florence City Council rides the bus around town. It has a two-fold purpose. The first, of course, is to publicize the ease and low cost of riding the Rhody Express.

The other is to give residents a low-pressure way to bend the ear of an elected official.

Normally it’s just a buck for a ride, but fares will be waived during the final two hours of the route today… between 3:20 and 5:20.