First and Future First Citizen nominees announced

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Siuslaw Awards set for January 20th

Four area residents have been nominated for Florence’s First Citizen for 2015: Geraldine Lucio, Janet Snow, Gayle Waiss, and Bill Craig.

Four Siuslaw High School seniors have been named as nominees for Future First Citizen: Hannah Bartlett, Holly Hicks, Mikaela Siegel, and Alexis Scheer.

Craig is an active volunteer with the Florence Kiwanis, as well as a member of the city’s Transit Advisory Committee. Lucio has been an active supporter of several Old Town Events and worked with the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign.

Snow also worked on the Red Kettle Campaign. She was instrumental in establishing it in Florence. Waiss, the Children’s Services Librarian at Siuslaw Public Library also serves numerous non-profit organizations in a variety of roles.

The award winners will be announced Wednesday, January 20th during the annual Florence Area Chamber of Commerce Siuslaw Awards. Several business awards will be handed out that evening at the Florence Events Center. Tickets are $35 and are available at the Chamber Visitor Center.

City to explore possible riverfront park

The first step in the possible creation of a new city park on the banks of the Siuslaw River could be taken Monday night.

The new park would be located just west of the city’s Waste Water Treatment Facility on Rhododendron Drive.

In a report to the city council, Public Works Director Mike Miller is seeking authorization to apply for a $40-thousand grant from the state Parks and Recreation Department. The money would be used to purchase property adjacent to the plant as well as help pay for improvements; a parking lot, picnic facilities, and the like.

The City would have to match the grant with at least $20-thousand in either cash or labor. Miller said the intention would be to develop the park utilizing city staff and equipment… reducing the amount of cash required.

The new park, he added, would fit four of the council’s adopted goals for 2016.

The Council meets Monday, six pm, at City Hall.

Mapleton Hill Road Reopens

A landslide that blocked North Fork Road between McLeod Creek and Highway 36 north of Mapleton has been cleared.

Wet weather and the potential for additional landslides in the area prevented Lane County road crews from clearing the slide when it occurred December 17th.

As conditions improved over the past few weeks, crews were able to safely remove debris and repair the damage.

The route is often to bypass high water on Highway 126 in Cushman, however transportation officials do not endorse it as a detour.

Air crew lifts ill seaman to safety

A Coast Guard helicopter crew from North Bend plucked an ill crewman from the Fishing Vessel Hecate, nine-miles west of the Umpqua River entrance yesterday morning.

The crewman’s name was not released. He was taken to the airport in North Bend. From there he was transported to Bay Area Hospital.

The North Bend Air Station was notified about one AM Thursday of the crewman who was reportedly having seizures.

Petty Officer Adam Frey said the initial plan was to send a light boat from Winchester Bay to meet up with the Hecate. But worsening weather prompted them to switch to an aerial rescue.

The crewman’s condition is not known.

Cape Perpetua Discovery Series – Salmon

Salmon are very adaptable and can handle a variety of environments… they get their start in small freshwater streams; spend most of their lives in the depths of the ocean; then return to the streams to start the cycle over again.

But how well can they adapt to changing climate conditions?

Dr. Rebecca Flitcroft is a fish biologist with the U.S. Forest Service. She will share her latest research and offer her assessment Saturday during the next edition of the Cape Perpetua Winter Discovery Series. Dr. Flitcroft will talk about the salmon ability to “survive in times of change” at two PM.

Cape Perpetua offers weekly wintertime discussions at the visitors’ center. January 16th will feature Paul Engelmeyer talking about the Ten Mile Creek coastal conservation program.