Port bringing “relief” to Siuslaw River boaters

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Floating Restroom nearing completion

Boaters on the Siuslaw River are going to have to hold it just a little bit longer.  A floating restroom for the 14th most popular waterway in the state has arrived.  But, the Port of Siuslaw won’t be putting it into position until later this summer when the summer Chinook and Coho runs begin.

A floating restroom is expected to be open to the public on July 5th near the Port of Siuslaw.
A floating restroom is expected to be open to the public on July 5th near the Port of Siuslaw.

The Port and the Oregon Marine Board began conversations about the floating potty two years ago.  After a lengthy process the final location of the $65-thousand restroom was determined.  Pilings have been driven across the river from the Port’s RV Park and Marina.

Most of the money for the facility was provided by a federal grant administered by the Marine Board.

Beginning July 5th, the restroom will be floated and opened to serve anyone on the river.  Kayakers and crabbers, along with salmon fishermen and other recreational boaters will have access.

Port Manager Steven Leskin said they’re still working on the details on how the floating restroom will be serviced and cleaned.  He said it will be the port’s responsibility, but they have to decide whether to have it towed shoreside for servicing… or arrange a floating pumper service to handle the by-products.

Resident speaking out about likely scam

Florence resident Linda McPhedran said when she opened her mail last week, she was just a little excited to find out she had won $150-million.

Linda McPhedran – “Well first it looked legitimate, until I got to the second page when it tells you to send them $20 until they can send you a check.”

That’s when she realized it was a scam and wasn’t real.

Linda McPhedran – “No, cause they always tell you if they’re asking for money you didn’t win anything.  Not true.”

McPhedran said she didn’t fall for it at all.  But she has another concern…

Linda McPhedran – “I’m concerned of senior citizens.  People that don’t realize, you know, and send money; cash, their check; maybe they can get in there and take more of their money.  That’s what worries me.”

The Florence woman said she was going to report it to the State Attorney General’s Office… but officials say there is little they can do about this type of scam other than what McPhedran is doing… publicize it and make sure people remain wary.

Curve advisory signs expected to change

If you do any driving at all on Oregon highways you are used to reducing your speed going around a curve.  If you’re like most people, you drive five to ten miles an hour faster than the little yellow curve advisory speed sign that is posted there.

In the near future, you may want to rethink that.

That’s because over the coming months road crews will begin putting up new advisory signs on most curves… and they’re expected to more closely match the actual speed that is safe and comfortable.

It is part of a new federal standard that requires consistency of curve advisory speeds on all public roads.

New digital and GPS aided technology is used to more accurately measures the forces you feel as you drive through a curve.  Older analog tools were not as consistent, and often varied from one part of the state to another.

Eric Leaming with the Oregon Department of Transportation said drivers will need to watch and follow the new advisories.

Florence startup in round of investor finals

A Florence area internet based business will be one of five Lane County companies competing for development cash this week in an investor conference in Eugene.

Lofoodal (LO-food-all) is a “shared economy” app developed by local resident Carl Hulan (HYOO-lan).  It helps connect buyers of local, organic food with smaller producers in the area.

The Willamette Angels Conference will give Hulan’s company, along with four other finalists, a change to pitch their projects to the audience.  Following those pitches the audience will vote and the favorite will get $2,500 in capital from Palo Alto Software.

The Willamette Angels Conference was founded in 2009 and is intended to connect early stage and seed startups with angel and venture investors.   This year’s conference is Thursday, May 12th in Eugene.

Survivor “survivor” to speak in Florence

An inspirational speaker, two-time contestant on the CBS show “Survivor”, and candidate for Oregon House District 20 in the Salem area will speak about her faith next month in Florence.

Laura Morett (muh-RETT) first appeared on “Survivor” in 2009, then again four years later.  She will be a featured speaker at the June 4th “Coastal Conference on Faith”.  It’s hosted by a “cross-denominational” group called Revival Florence and will be held at Florence Christian Church.

Event chair Bill Spect said the group is “pleased to bring such a high quality speaker” to the community.

Morett will speak to both men and women.  Spect will address men in a separate breakout session… a specialist in women’s mental and spiritual health, Cynthia Quinn, will talk to the women.

Information on how to purchase advance tickets for $10 can be found at revival-dash-florence-dot-info.