Keep a close eye on your cards; Florence Public Works headed for construction; Highway 101 North to be closed this morning for recovery efforts; Fire District fills the gap

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Oregon and Washington top two states for ID fraud

If you’re among the thousands of Oregonians hitting the road this summer for vacation, you’ll want to keep a closer eye on your credit and debit cards.  Oregon ranked third for identity-theft crimes across the country in 2014 according to a report from the Federal Trade Commission.  Only Florida and Washington State had higher rates.  Kyle Frick with the Mid Oregon Credit Union says most fraud takes place when people provide card information online.

Kyle Frick – “People get in trouble when they are using websites or places that may be unique or smaller, or just very specialized things.”

Frick said card information should be provided only on secure sites with web addresses that begin with H-T-T-P-S.  Be careful when using your credit card and keep it in sight.  He adds new technology can help prevent fraud, citing that cards with the E-M-V chip instead of a magnetic strip is more secure… but you have to remember one important thing.

Kyle Frick – “People walk away and forget to pull their card out.  So, that’s a new thing to be aware of.  Make sure that you: one, remove your card from the EMV chip reader; and two, make sure you get your receipt.”

It’s a good habit to regularly check your account information regularly, and verify transactions as you go.

Public Works headquarters headed for construction

The original plan to construct a new Public Works headquarters and facilities for the city of Florence in phases is being scrapped. City Manager Erin Reynolds said that would have spread the cost out over time, making it easier to afford.  But economic conditions right now, she says, are prompting officials to reconsider.

Erin Reynolds – “As we started going through the first architectural drawings and estimates for the project; and with interest rates, again, still being incredibly low; we’re looking at construction savings and just all together package savings of around $800-thousand if we just move forward and do the administrative building and the facilities… the maintenance building… all at once.”

The $3.5-million project is slated for construction in the 2017-18 fiscal year.

Fire district fills the gap

Nearly two-million gallons of water were trucked to the Mercer Lake Reservoir for Heceta Water PUD between January and last week.

That was because of a landslide in December that killed a woman, damaged her home and rendered the supply line to that reservoir unstable.

Siuslaw Valley Fire Chief Jim Langborg said his district was able to get the water tender that did the hauling certified for carrying potable water.  Crews hauled the water over a 26-week period, making about ten trips per day, three days a week.

Langborg said the water PUD reimbursed the fire district to the expenses incurred in carrying the water so that the 95 homes supplied by the reservoir could have access to clean water.

A curtailment order put in place in December was lifted Friday when a new water line was put in service.


101 south of near Neptune State Park to be closed this morning

No serious injuries were reported when a fully loaded chip truck went off Highway 101 near Neptune State Park at milepost 169 early Monday morning, but the roadway was closed completely for nearly three hours.  Crews worked to pull the semi-tractor back onto the roadway and were successful by mid morning.

But, when they went back after the fully laden trailer; that was a different story.

Highway 101 was closed completely again from about 1:30 until five, but the trailer remains.

.The crash occurred about seven a.m. Monday when the north bound truck crossed the centerline and struck the end of a guardrail, then continued completely off the road.

Another attempt to remove the trailer is expected later Tuesday morning.  Angela Beers-Sydel with the Oregon Department of Transportation says the highway will be closed beginning about nine a.m. and could remain that way through noon.